The Tinderbox Session Players

October 1, 2012 in Ka-tet

The Tinderbox Orchestra is a groundbreaking contemporary youth orchestra based in Edinburgh. They’ve been on the up and up for a few years now and are fast earning a reputation for outstanding originality, high quality entertainment and exciting performances. For their 2012 spring term I had the pleasure of conducting an original composition for them. The piece was called Wizards and went down a treat thanks to the talent of the players, the expertise of the tutors and the attitude of absolutely everyone involved. Conducting an orchestra of this size lit a match inside me and now I’m eager for more.

Shortly after the spring concert at the end of March a few of those involved with theproject were asked by Tinderbox founder Jack Nissan if we’d be interested in beginning a side project called The Tinderbox Session Players. Basically youth players would get the chance to play with gigging musicians in a professional environment and bands would get the opportunity of having their sound enhanced by talented orchestral instrumentalists. I jumped at the chance to have The Tinderbox Session Players join the Ka-tet at The Jazz Bar and here is a snippet of what went down. We were joined by Alice Kelly on oboe, Nathaniel Hass on doublebass and Alastair Hutchison on percussion. We hope at some stage to have them and more of the Tinderboxers back with us.