Snarky Puppy

October 1, 2012 in Ka-tet

So, when Snarky Puppy came to visit us earlier in the year, we were all blown away. Maybe it was the astounding musicianship, maybe it was the uncanny down-to-earthness of the whole band, maybe the familiar camaraderie we saw between them, maybe the unbelievably brilliant gig we saw at The Bongo Club or maybe it was the 19-piece jam on The Jazz Bar stage that we had afterwards. We don’t know why but we are all now stronger die-hard fans of Jazz Funk’s vanguard. Well, the one thing that could make me happier than going to see them at The Bongo Club again on Friday 16th Nov, is to be supporting them at The Bongo Club on Friday 16th Nov. I encourage and invite anyone and everyone who likes music at all to buy your ticket for this gig. We’d certainly love to have you along, and I know the Puppies want you there too. WE ARE GOING TO TEAR IT TO PIECES. Their visit will also include a great workshop at the jazz bar. For more information on this, click HERE.

Below is a wee taster of what the boys have done in the past….