Mike Kearney

 “Northern Ireland’s answer to Stevie Wonder” The Scotsman

Photo by Gavin Brown @ www.greycubes.net

Mike Kearney is an Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter. Raised in choirs and orchestras with his 3 brothers (Tourist Walk), he moved to Edinburgh in 2002 to read music at Edinburgh University. Three years later he started a modest career. Playing piano in the renowned Left Bank Bar in the Old Town, he met many singer-songwriters and their bands. Over the next year and a bit, whilst completing his degree, Mike joined forces to play with some of the best talent that Edinburgh had to offer; talent such as The Electric Ghosts, The Set Up, Rossco Galloway/Frushane, Jed Milroy, Tam Treanor, Chris Bradley, William Douglas and the Wheel, Daniel MacGeever and the Message, Lewis Gibson and the Midas Touch, Alfonso and Austen George. He then formed the Mike Kearney Trio to play his own original material. That was 2006. In the following few years the list of collaborations grew to include Orphan, The Olympics, DC Ellis, The Jizzly Bear Drumline, The Black Diamond Express, Killa Chinchilla, Donna Maciocia and Freaky Family.

The Mike Kearney Trio became a quartet, then a quintet, then, finally, a Ka-tet to include as many players as needed. The word Ka-tet comes from Stephen King. He invented the term. In his epic saga, The Dark Tower, his self-proclaimed masterpiece and only work of Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Ka is a mysterious force that leads all living and unliving creatures. It is the will of destiny or fate or duty, not necessarily a force for good or evil, manipulating both sides and seeming to have no definite morality of its own. A Ka-tet is a group of people drawn together by Ka. In simple terms, King’s Ka-tet means family. The Ka, however, was also the Egyptian concept of spiritual essence, that which distinguishes the difference between a living and a dead person, with death occurring when the Ka left the body.

With two albums down and hundreds of shows under their belt, Kearney’s Ka-tet are ripe and primed to strike hard every time. Check out Mike’s BLOG for a step by step guide of how The Ka-tet was formed and its progression throughout the six years of it’s existence as well as information on his other projects and attitudes.